The cost of your orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of your orthodontic problem, as well as the type of appliance (traditional braces, Invisalign, iBraces) you wish to be treated with. You will be able to discuss the fees and payment options during your consultation appointment. We have several payment plans to suit different budgets, including an interest free no-down-payment option. We also accept assignment from most insurance plans, and file the necessary papers to the insurance company for you. We work very hard to make your orthodontic treatment affordable.


In an effort to keep our orthodontic fees down, while maintaining the highest level of professional care, we have established this financial policy:

  • If payment is made in full at the onset of treatment, we will offer a fee discount.
  • To fit your individual financial needs, arrangements can be made to extend your payments over longer periods of time. Extended payment plans are for your convenience to help you pay for your orthodontic treatment, and available to be paid monthly, regardless of your appointment schedule.
  • For your convenience, we accept payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  • In cases of serious delinquency, treatment will be discontinued, although we will make every effort to accommodate patients with temporary difficulties.


If you have dental insurance, we will do our best to help you determine the coverage you have available. Insurance companies vary greatly in the amount of coverage and the method of payment for orthodontic treatment; therefore our arrangements and responsibility for payment are made only with the patient or the parent. If we are able to accept assignment from your insurance company we will gladly do so, and give you an estimate as a guideline including your deductible and an estimated percentage of total charges. The balance will be arranged for you to pay under one of our many payment plans. We cannot however, make any guarantee of payment by your insurance company. Any portion not paid by the insurance company is the responsibility of the patient or parent. Please note that if your insurance company or policy should change during treatment please advise us as soon as possible so that payments may continue in a timely manner. We will help in every way we can in filing your claim and handling insurance questions to make your orthodontic treatment as smooth as possible.

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